I live on Long Island, way too close to New York City, and I had attended a DARK SHADOWS convention at the Marriott Hotel RIGHT THERE only three weeks before, so it made it even scarier for me. I was at work on 9/11, and when a co-worker came in and announced that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center, I made a remark about the pilot having terrible aim and continued working. When he said a second plane had crashed into the other building, we knew something terrible was happening. We gathered in my manager's office, where he had a TV set, and began watching the news. We heard about the other missing planes. We were all terrified. We knew this was a terrorist attack, but didn't know where it began or ended. We knew a lot of people were dead, but still hoped for survivors. I went for my usual half hour walk, my thoughts swirling madly: What was happening to our world? One thing I knew for sure--nothing was ever going to be the same again.

It's hard for me to believe it's been 14 years, too. I did not know anyone who perished in the World Trade Center massacre, which, given that I live on Long Island, was a miracle. But we were ALL from Manhattan that day, all Americans, all holding hands against an enemy that hated us and wanted us dead.

I love you, Val, and everyone else who remembers that day, who mourns the loss of lives and our loss of innocence.



You are one of the loveliest gals I know, both on LJ and in real life. I love you for all the wonderful things you do for us vis a vis SUPERNATURAL and for being such a wonderful friend to all of us all the time.


Love now and all the time. . .

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An open thanks to Jared and Jensen

I was gazing at one of the endless photos of a fan taken with Jared at a restaurant, after checking out a photo of Jensen taken with a fan at an airport. I was remembering my own delightful encounters with the actors at conventions and in Vancouver when I visited with a couple of friends, and it got me to thinking.

Both Jared and Jensen are rare celebrities who are always kind and giving to their fans. It never ceases to amaze me how willingly they both interrupt their lives to take photos or give autographs to fans who meet them in stores, restaurants, etc. Other famous people might get annoyed or ask to be left alone. The J's don't ever do that.

I want to take this tiny space and this time to say thank you to them. I think they are wonderful!