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I Love the Guys!

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14 December 1953
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Huge fan of the excellent CW 11 show SUPERNATURAL and Sam and Dean as portrayed by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. As of right now, knowing how fickle network executives can be, awaiting news of a third season with prayers and hope. I immerse myself in online fandom, enjoying everything from Plastic!Winchesters to Supernatural fan fiction to YouTube productions by zealous fans of the show.

Proud mother of one adult son, wife of understanding husband who allows me to buy any and all SUPERNATURAL merchandise, freelance writer of everything from children's books to articles on diabetes to erotica for men's magazines. Eclectic? Yes, and I've got the crazy brain to prove it. I think a sense of humor is essential in this world, which probably explains why my blog is entitled "My Whackadoodle Life."